Flexible counselling

No two people are the same and neither are their problems, some clients may resolve their issues in one or two sessions, others may choose to enter into longer term therapy. You are not limited to a specific subject; you can talk about anything that is affecting you.

Sessions cost between £40 and £50 depending on the counsellor you choose. Initial assessment session are half the normal price. All sessions will last for 60 minutes.

60 minutes - a modern private counselling service

Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy exploring what our counselling service has to offer.

Accessible and worldwide

Our team of professionally trained and accredited counsellors aim to see new clients within a week, avoiding the waiting lists you may experience elsewhere. You have the choice of either face-to-face counselling with our Hampshire and Wiltshire based therapists in the UK or online counselling allowing us to accept English speaking clients from anywhere in the world.

Appointments are often available on the same day, you can book an appointment by contacting your counsellor via email or by calling them.